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Regulatory Grouping

* Substandard quality of care = one or more deficiencies with s/s levels of F, H, I, J, K, or L in Red

483.90 Physical Environment
F908 Essential Equipment, Safe Operating Condition
F909 Resident Bed
F910 Resident Room
F911 Bedroom Number of Residents
F912 Bedrooms Measure at Least 80 S quare Ft/Resident
F913 Bedrooms Have Direct Access to Exit Corridor
F914 Bedrooms Assure Full Visual Privacy
F915 Resident Room Window
F916 Resident Room Floor Above Grade
F917 Resident Room Bed/Furniture/Closet
F918 Bedrooms Equipped/Near Lavatory/Toilet
F919 Resident Call System
F920 Requirements for Dining and Activity Rooms
F921 Safe/Functional/Sanitary/Comfortable Environment
F922 Procedures to Ensure Water Availability
F923 Ventilation
F924 Corridors Have Firmly Secured Handrails
F925 Maintains E?ective Pest Control Program
F926 Smoking Policies
483.95 Training Requirements
F940 {PHASE-3} Training Requirements - General
F941 {PHASE-3} Communication Training
F942 {PHASE-3} Resident’s Rights Training
F943 Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Training
F944 {PHASE-3} QAPI Training
F945 {PHASE-3} Infection Control Training
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