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Regulatory Grouping

* Substandard quality of care = one or more deficiencies with s/s levels of F, H, I, J, K, or L in Red

483.50 Laboratory, Radiology, and Other Diagnostic Services
F775 Lab Reports in Record-Lab Name/Address
F776 Radiology/Other Diagnostic Services
F777 Radiology/Diag. Svcs Ordered/Notify Results
F778 Assist with Transport Arrangements to Radiology
F779 X-Ray/Diagnostic Report in Record-Sign/Dated
483.55 Dental Services
F790 Routine/Emergency Dental Services in SNFs
F791 Routine/Emergency Dental Services in NFs
483.60 Food and Nutrition Services
F800 Provided Diet Meets Needs of Each Resident
F801 Qualified Dietary Staff
F802 Su?cient Dietary Support Personnel
F803 Menus Meet Res Needs/Prep in Advance/Followed
F804 Nutritive Value/Appear, Palatable/Prefer Temp
F805 Food in Form to Meet Individual Needs
F806 Resident Allergies, Preferences and Substitutes
F807 Drinks Avail to Meet Needs/Preferences/ Hydration
F808 Therapeutic Diet Prescribed by Physician
F809 Frequency of Meals/Snacks at Bedtime
F810 Assistive Devices - Eating Equipment/Utensils
F811 Feeding Asst -T raining/Supervision/Resident
F812 Food Procurement, Store/Prepare/Serve - Sanitary
F813 Personal Food Policy
F814 Dispose Garbage & Refuse Properly
483.65 Specialized Rehabilitative Services
F825 Provide/Obtain Specialized Rehab Services
F826 Rehab Services- Physician Order/Qualified Person
483.70 Administration
F835 Administration
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