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Regulatory Grouping

* Substandard quality of care = one or more deficiencies with s/s levels of F, H, I, J, K, or L in Red

483.24 Quality of Life
F680 Qualifications of Activity Professional
483.25 Quality of Care
F684 Quality of Care
F685 Treatment/Devices to Maintain Hearing/Vision
F686 Treatment/Svcs to Prevent/Heal Pressure Ulcers
F687 Foot Care
F688 Increase/Prevent Decrease in ROM/Mobility
F689 Free of Accident Hazards/Supervision/Devices
F690 Bowel/Bladder Incontinence, Catheter, UTI
F691 Colostomy, Urostomy, or Ileostomy Care
F692 Nutrition/Hydration Status Maintenance
F693 Tube Feeding Management/Restore Eating Skills
F694 Parenteral/IV Fluids
F695 Respiratory/Tracheostomy care and Suctioning
F696 Prostheses
F697 Pain Management
F698 Dialysis
F699 {PHASE-3} Trauma Informed Care
F700 Bedrails
483.30 Physician Services
F710 Resident's Care Supervised by a Physician
F711 Physician Visits- Review Care/Notes/Order
F712 Physician Visits-Frequency/Timeliness/Alternate NPPs
F713 Physician for Emergency Care, A vailable 24 Hours
F714 Physician Delegation of Tasks to NPP
F715 Physician Delegation to Dietitian/Therapist
483.35 Nursing Services
F725 Sufficient Nursing Staff
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