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Welcome Educators!
  • Do you teach care planning to the students in your nursing program?
  • Do your students need to use NANDA-I Nursing Diagnosis Labels, (NIC) Interventions & Activities, and (NOC) Outcomes & Indicators when they are creating care plans for their assignments?
  • Do your students need to enter rationale when creating their care plans for their assignments?
  • Do you want your students care plan assignments to be turned in using one easy to read, organized format?
  • Do you want one easy to use program that you can use to teach care planning?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Nursing Educator program is a perfect fit for you!

Welcome Educators! is a great fit for your Nursing program.

We have done the research to know that care planning is one of the most difficult things for students to learn. Why? Primarily because, up until now, there were so many different ways to create a care plan using all kinds of different formats and software programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. Many students we found had to resort to writing their careplans by hand which would take them hours. was built by nurses, for nurses. is also now working closely with schools and teachers just like you to create a program that addresses the needs of a student nurse when it comes to care planning. is also used in facilities and hospitals all over the country so the chances are that when your student nurses graduate and get into the field, they might end up using our product or one very similar to create care plans for their patients or residents.

Why is this program so great for the nursing student? What are the benefits?

  • Our program is easy to use and simple to learn. It can be used as a teaching tool for Educators and a learning module for students.

  • Linking Facilities. This is a great way for teachers to use the care plan builder as a teaching tool. Once you have signed up for an account, students can request access to your facility. Once access is granted, students can easily toggle between their account and their teachers account. Care plans built in your facility can be accessed by students if they need to reference a care plan example that was built in class.

  • Nursing students need to use formal research based classifications when creating careplans. The care plan builder allows students to build care plans quickly and efficiently using the top 3 nursing classifications available on the market in NANDA I, NIC & NOC. works closely with 2 nursing colleges and also the Authors of NIC & NOC to continue to improve the product to meet students' needs and faculty expectations.

  • When a nursing student is care planning for a patient, an important part of their assignment is to add a "rationale" to the care plan. The care Plan Builder accommodates this need with fast editing features to add notes and rationale to any part of the care plan.

  • Students can use our program to create care plans and turn them in as assignments using one easy to read, organized format.

  • Nursing Students can carry the membership as long as they need it! They can sign up for a couple classes or throughout their entire student nursing career. Many members have continued to use into their professional career.

  • Student Nurses can manage and edit their care plans as they treat a patient. The careplan will be a living document and can be updated and modified throughout any patients care. Student Nurses can create unlimited patient profiles and care plans for each individual patient that they have to care plan for during their nursing career.

  • is affordable for the student and the teacher! Especially with the rewards program we have in place for educators. As a teacher, you could even earn money referring students to use Learn more about the Rewards Program.

  • frequently updates the nursing classifications on a regular basis. This makes it much more convenient and cost efficient than having to buy multiple books over the course of their career and also allows students to see updates to the nursing classifications as they happen.

  • is web-based. Each time we make enhancements to the site, they are moved into production immediately. No need to download new software, or updates our enhancements will be visible to the user upon their next log in.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about how can work for your nursing program or class, contact Gary Jorgenson by email you can also call the toll free number (800-834-7430).


Use the contact form to Schedule an Educator Demo. In the subject field put Educator Demo and in the comments field just list (3) times and dates that will work best with your schedule. We will contact you within 48 hours to confirm!