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Careplans Builder Now Featuring the Careplans Builder!
More than a resource, the Careplan Builder is the latest technology in web based careplanning software. It is the fastest, most efficient and thorough way to build a careplan for your patient. Interactively build careplans using the Library + NANDA-I, NIC and NOC Taxonomy.

About the Library and Nursing Classifications Library

  • Over 256 Careplan Problem Statements
  • 320 Goals
  • 2,200 Approaches

NANDA-I : Defining the Knowledge of Nursing

  • 206 Diagnosis: Including Label, Definition, Defining Characteristics, Risk Factors, & Related Factors
  • 13 Domains
  • 47 Classes
  • Over 2200 Defining Characteristics
  • Over 1400 Related Factors
  • Over 1000 Risk Factors
  • Learn more!

NIC: Nursing Interventions Classification

NOC: Nursing Outcome Classification

  • 385 Outcomes: Including Definitions, Domains, Classes, Indicators
  • Over 7000 Indicators
  • Learn more!

About the Builder

  • Create your own care plan library
  • Create patient profiles with resident photos and demographic information
  • Access your patient library to build personalized, individualized careplans for each individual
  • Choose to add Rationale to your Careplan
  • Choose to add "1st person" or "I Format" to your careplan
  • All patient information is stored safely and securely. Our site is HIPAA compliant.
  • Access your account any-time from anywhere with a web connection.
  • Export your careplan to Word, Excel, or Adobe PDF.
  • Access to the NANDA-I, NIC & NOC Taxonomies
  • Produce customized, individualized, personalized high quality careplans in a fraction of the time.
Residents Demographics
Residents Demographics

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Residents Plan of Care
Residents Plan of Care

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