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MDS Corner is a great resource for students. Our Careplan Builder system includes access to the NANDA-I, NIC and NOC Classifications. (See more information below) Our system also gives you the ability to add Rationales to your care plan. When finished, export your document to Word, Excel, or PDF in a clean organized format.
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NANDA-I: Defining the Knowledge of Nursing

  • 201 Diagnosis: Including Label, Definition, Defining Characteristics, Risk Factors, & Related Factors
  • 13 Domains
  • 47 Classes
  • Over 2200 Defining Characteristics
  • Over 1400 Related Factors
  • Over 1000 Risk Factors
  • Read More

NIC: Nursing Interventions Classification

  • 542 Interventions
  • Over 12000 Activities
  • Read More
NIC: Nursing Interventions Classification

NOC: Nursing Outcome Classification

  • 385 Outcomes: Including Definitions, Domains, Classes, Indicators
  • Over 7000 Indicators
  • Read More
NOC: Nursing Outcome Classification Library

  • Over 256 Careplan Problem Statements
  • 320 Goals
  • 2,200 Approaches

How to Build a Careplan and Add my Rationales:

  1. Go to "Account"
  2. Select "Resident Administration"
  3. Quickly "Add a new resident" by creating a resident profile
  4. From the Resident profile page: Select "Plan of Care"
  5. Select "Add from NANDA, NIC & NOC"
  6. Select your Diagnosis from the library
    1. Upon selecting your diagnosis you will need to also select the proper Defining Characteristics, Related Factors, Risk Factors, etc.
    2. Note: When clicking on the text of each item, a description will show up in the right panel.
  7. Once you have made your selections. Click "Import Selected Records"
  8. This will take you back to the Plan of Care with your Diagnosis, Outcome and Interventions all entered.
  9. Click on the text in each area to edit the Problem, Goal or Approach section of your care plan. When you click on the text a new window will open with a tab labeled, "Rational".
    Enter your rationale and click "Save and Continue" or "Save and Close".
  10. Select the option in the left menu bar "print care plans".
  11. This will bring up a window with all your problem statements in it.
  12. Check the boxes of the care plan statements in which you would like to print.
  13. Check the box to "Include Rationales".
  14. Click on "Print".
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