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Regulatory Grouping

* Substandard quality of care = one or more deficiencies with s/s levels of F, H, I, J, K, or L in Red

483.10 Resident Rights
F550 Resident Rights/Exercise of Rights
F551 Rights Exercised by Representative
F552 Right to be Informed/Make Treatment Decisions
F553 Right to Participate in Planning Care
F554 Resident Self-Admin Meds-Clinically Appropriate
F555 Right to Choose/Be Informed of Attending Physician
F557 Respect, Dignity/Right to have Personal Property
F558 Reasonable Accommodations of Needs/Preferences
F559 Choose/Be Notified of Room/Roommate Change
F560 Right to Refuse Certain Transfers
F561 Self Determination
F562 Immediate Access to Resident
F563 Right to Receive/Deny Visitors
F564 Inform of Visitation Rights/Equal Visitation Privileges
F565 Resident/Family Group and Response
F566 Right to Perform Facility Services or Refuse
F567 Protection/Management of Personal Funds
F568 Accounting and Records of Personal Funds
F569 Notice and Conveyance of Personal Funds
F570 Surety Bond - Security of Personal Funds
F571 Limitations on Charges to Personal Funds
F572 Notice of Rights and Rules
F573 Right to Access/Purchase Copies of Records
F574 Required Notices and Contact Information
F575 Required Postings
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