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Careplans.com LISTSERV

We're sorry, but this service is no longer available.

Careplans.com Listserv
Careplans.com MDS LISTSERV subscribers have an avenue to discuss a common interest, seek or post information, and share ideas and resources regarding the Minimum Data Set Assessment. Members of our LISTSERV offer a variety of expertise. Careplans.com LISTSERV members range new Resident Assessment Coordinators to professionally astute consultants. The posts on this LISTSERV should reference CMS manuals, memos and other source documents. There is no cost to subscribers of our LISTSERV. Simply enter your e-mail address to join.

This LISTSERV is for the MDS (Minimum Data Set) assessment process used in Long Term Care.
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MDS Listserv Sign-Up

Enter your name and e-mail address. Upon submission you will receive an e-mail with a verification link. Click on the link to confirm your list serve membership. It’s that easy. You will begin receiving messages immediately. The process will be the same to unsubscribe.
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Posting Guidelines

Subscription to Careplans.com LISTSERV entails the following restrictions.


ALL forms of Spam are forbidden on the LISTSERV. Spam can come in a variety of different formats ranging from advertising of legitimate goods and services to political propaganda, to internet scams, messages containing spyware or virus hoaxes.
How to POST to the LISTSERV

How to POST to the LISTSERV

To post a message to the LISTSERV send your message to mds@careplans.com

Marketing, Vendor, Consulting Guidelines

It is a violation of Careplans.com LISTSERV policy to post commercial messages to the LISTSERVE without consent/approval, an action that will result in reprimand, and permanent removal from the list serve. If you work for a vendor/supplier company or are a consultant, you may have your contact information, including URL in your signature line. Sales information and solicitation to subscribers on the list is forbidden. Soliciting business, providing a commercial post or recruiting for jobs is strictly prohibited without prior consent and approval from Robin Technologies / Careplans.com.

For approval of marketing, consulting, or vendor supplier posts, please send any requests to listmanager@careplans.com. Once we receive your contact information and the details of your request, we will get in touch with you within 1-2 Business days regarding your request.


  • NO Advertising unless prior consent has been approved.
  • Be respectful of other posters on the message board. Avoid using foul or attacking language toward any member of the LISTSERV community.
  • Always reference the post in which you are replying to.
  • If you have content that is sensitive, confidential e.g., that you do not want to share with the public domain, please refrain from posting it to the list serve.
  • You will be removed from the list if you insult, threaten any member of this community
  • Spam is forbidden